The Next Big Thing in Digital Marketing is Artisanal Advertising

The Next Big thing For Marketers is Artisanal Advertising

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As the end of the year draws closer, our experts have been contemplating what could be the “next big thing” in digital marketing in 2019, narrowing down their myriad of thoughts to just one or two top predictions that they believe will shape the coming year.
Whether it’s a relatively new trend, or something that’s been around for a while but is really going to take off in 2019, these trends are from the unique perspective of Mediative’s experts, how they see 2019 unfolding, and what digital marketers should be considering when planning next year’s marketing efforts.

Artisanal Advertising

2018 will see a rise in artisanal advertising. Artisanal as in, carefully crafted ads such as podcast ads where hosts discuss the product in their own way, or artisanal Snapchat stories and Instagram stories where authentic messages come straight from the CEO or an influencer direct to the audience. In these ads, studio quality is less important than authenticity, and with phone cameras getting better and better, and editing apps getting easier to use, really interesting messages can be made instantly, and promoted on a budget. The audience for these ads is more likely to spend a little bit more for brand loyalty, for locally or independently produced items.
Authentic messages plus a premium-minded audience is about as harmonious as pour-over coffee and locally baked doughnuts!
But can it scale? In a word, yes! Podcast advertising reaches 57 million educated, affluent and mobile listeners every month(1). That’s a big audience ready to hear from you.
How do I make these ads?
It may seems like a big undertaking to craft a different script for different podcasts, each with different voices, topics and audiences to consider. But it doesn’t have to be. First, shift your thinking from granular approvals on scripts to must-hit messages (and some never-mentions as well) then let the hosts of these shows discuss your product or service in their own voice, in their own way.
Second, approach a podcast advertising networks such as Midroll. They connect you to thousands of podcast hosts, from comedy to politics to audio-dramas to science and the arts! And remember, podcast listeners share their ideas on social media. When they like your ads, they will actually tell you.
embrace the artisanal, with authentic, hand made brand messaging!