Changes we will personally go through after covid

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It is seen that there are three situations in life that some may encounter to be considered
the most stressful by psychologists: changing homes, going through a divorce and grieving
the death of a loved one. However, psychologists have now added the coronavirus to this
list as people around the world are trying to deal with this pandemic.
Due to the stressful characteristic of coronavirus, people are using eating as a stress release
as we are wanting more dopamine during this time. People are using food as a release from
the stress they are experiencing which is resulting in individuals gaining more weight.
Now that people are restricted to their households, more conflict arises amongst the
members of the household as they are in each other’s space 24/7. Domestic violence as
increased during this time and it is expected that divorce rates will increase drastically post-
coronavirus due to individuals being exposed to each other and not being able to have a
break from one another.
During this time, individuals are able to spend more time with their thoughts and think
about what exactly it is that they want to achieve in their lives. They are seeing materialistic
objects as less important and seizing the opportunity to create a new identity for
themselves and truly find out what is the most important aspect of life to them.

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