Corporate innovation needs a shake up

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In order to be a truly innovative company, you need to figure out which of your new ideas should be allowed to grow and then which ones are worth of further investment.

In order to se the tone at your organisation about which ideas get an opportunity to succeed and which ones need to be cut off, the company needs to choose the most important metrics to them and make sure that they are consistent. This allows the stakeholders to give every idea a chance based on merit. Secondly, decision-makers need to be empowered to say no and make decisions based on customer feedback and not their own internal bias. Lastly, the company needs to ensure that they have a diverse crowd evaluating the ideas in order to gain more perspective and allow for the blind spots to be acknowledged.

Having access to customer feedback is a vital part of making evidence-based decisions. It isĀ  a time-consuming process; however it is essential. In order to make this process easier, ensure that there is communication on how to conduct qualitative and quantitative research and inform the employees of your company on how to communicate with the customers directly and effectively.

Providing access to customer feedback, nurturing unexpected ideas and helping users engage their communities in design are ways that will assist in the process of solving big challenges that your company faces.


David Aycan
Managing director, IDEO products

Sophie Chow
Design lead, IDEO San Francisco

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