Designing a meeting that doesn’t suck

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Many employees dread having to go to meetings which is why putting effort in to making them more bearable and interesting will change the way in which your employees view meetings.

Here are some tips on how to achieve this:

Switch to creating agreements instead of rules

Creating an open mic segment allows your meeting to receive ideas from many people and they can feel comfortable in doing so. Creating agreements for this instead of rules can be done by everyone agreeing on how to carry out this process instead of the leader dictating what will happen.

2. Design and Brand it

It may seem weird to brand a meeting, but it assists in maintaining the appeal of the meeting. Creating a brand and designing the meeting allows the employees to have a more creative perspective on the meetings.

3. Make it inclusive and interdisciplinary

This prompts people to share their ideas and share work that sparked questions further allowing more creative ideas to flow throughout the meeting.

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