Digital Transformation in Africa

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Digital transformation in Africa is accelerating with the fact that more businesses are now using different social plateforms to communicate with customers. South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria stand out in terms of the remarkable progress they have made in digitalising their economies eg. Tech hubs in Johannesburg. Many African countries are expected to follow in the steps of Rwanda which is rolling out the SMART Rwanda initiative to achieve its ambitious ICT vision for 2020. There are huge opportunities that can also be looked into are how most companies that are going digital increase productivity and efficiency in the workplace and more
After more than a decade of digital Disruption, the African entertainment Media industry has entered a new landscape, One which the media is no longer, divided into Distinct traditional and digital spheres. The Forecasts that South Africa’s entertainment And media industry is expected to grow from R112.7 billion in 2014 to R176.3 billion in 2019 (Reference: PwC).

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