The effect of echo chambers

In by Lubabalo

Majority of people have access to the internet and more than half spend their whole day glued to their screen, loyally following the trends and popular views of the online masses. But is it really the opinion of hundreds of other people or is it just your opinion being echoed back at you? We might think that we are free to believe whatever we want, but the reality is that we are being influence daily.
The truth is that we like to share and engage with content that resonates with us, and it is also our preferred beliefs, we don’t even care to check if it is true or not. Our Facebook feeds are personalise determined on what we Google, read, click on or like, so we mostly consume content similar to our views, and the more you interact the bigger your little island becomes. According to Christopher Hooton the real American election so drastically, is that although we don’t acknowledge it, most people use Facebook as their main platform to stay up to date with news. Walter Quattrociocchi says that we are the driving source, and not social media networks that causes these echo chambers, as it is we that sort ourselves into like-minded groups.
“And instead of trying to reach out and try and understand why people felt moved to vote for Trump, despite knowing who he is, everyone just retreated to their filtered little bubbles online, bellowing their opinions to people who are already in agreement and enjoy having them echoed back.”
Because of our cognitive bias we create our own bubbles, we are friends with people online that has the same views, un-friend other that we disagree with, making it easier for them to put us in a echo chamber that suits us. Since we cannot possibly give attention to all posts on our feed, algorithms prioritise engaging posts that would get us to click on it, interact or share, allowing for misunderstand why people felt motivated to vote for Trump, despite knowing who their opinions to people who are already in agreement and enjoy having them echoed back. Echo chambers are making users more gullible by the day, and this can have very big impact on society, just look what happened to America.