The Internet is the most complex and resource-rich marketing tool the world has ever seen.

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It affords immediate access to nearly every consumer on the planet and more data than any marketer could analyze in a single lifetime. But this incredibly powerful asset can also pose an incredibly frustrating challenge. There are more brands and information to compete with than ever before, requiring digital marketers to step up their game, amplify the creativity, and harness the power of new technologies to stay ahead of the game. It’s a thrilling time, but even the savviest marketer sometimes needs some advice and inspiration.
If the Internet itself is a power tool, think of the availability of new domain extensions as a Swiss army knife — flexible and simple, with near-infinite applications. New domain extensions are certainly a product of the latest technological advancements, but they also have roots in the earliest days of the Internet. By learning how to use this Swiss army knife, digital marketers can creatively address and resolve some of the challenges posed by today’s chaotic Internet — sweeping away the clutter and focusing on the brands and messages that really matter. And, perhaps most importantly, learning to create clear, concise, and creative paths to this messaging.

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