New world branding

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New world branding allows designers to access data based on the behavior of their
customers, what they like and dislike and the likelihood of them purchasing specific
products which allows the designers to gain a deeper in sight into their customer needs.
This gives the designers the advantage to create something that they know the customers
will like as it is based off the customer’s data.
Interpreting data can be a tricky task therefore here are some tips to help companies
understand when it is best to use data to help make decisions: in order to see trends, keep
data for an extended period of time, don’t solely depend on data to make your decisions as
it does not have all the answers, make sure you are using clean data, keep an eye out for
any changes in trends and ensure you are able to adapt to any changes, make sure that the
data you collect is from relevant locations and is relevant to your target customers and
lastly, be open to changing your brand as you notice changes in trends and acknowledge
Source: Allen International

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