Taking the robot out of humans

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Many banks around the world are setting up the systems and technologies that use the
concepts of artificial intelligence. Brand and customer experience are the most important
factors that differentiate one bank from its competitors. Maintaining customer experience
as a top priority are put ahead of their competitors.
Robotics will allow for better productivity, more accurate information and fewer mistakes,
however, there comes difficulty when customer relationships come into play and it is harder
for a bank to have a relationship with their customers when there is no human interaction
Companies like Orange and First Direct have focused on selecting the right tone, accent,
personality and language style for their call center. Human to human experiences are
focused on in order to emphasize their brain values.
For banks switching to artificial intelligence, it is important to consider the following: keep
track of who your brand is and that every interaction with a customer must emphasize that,
steps towards AI include creating a chat bot, keep things simple, thoroughly test AI
technologies prior to use and ensure that you focus on your company’s reputation.
Source: Allen International

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