The battle for relevancy

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Social media is creating a vast amount of change in the way in which companies’ function
especially in retail businesses. Banks have been changing their functioning by enabling
customers to send money to other individuals through these digital platforms.
Avida is a bank in the United States of America where they have digitally transformed and
created a program which allows the community to get engaged at one of their branches in
Massachusetts. At this branch, there are digital screens that are displaying Avida’s social
media feeds. The screens are touch screens which allows customers to engage with the
display. The content that is present in stores is different to the content that the customers
can find online at their homes which provides purpose for the digital screens.
By using a strategy that integrates social media to create the image of the brand it
incorporates the younger generation into their target market which expands their customer
population. Avida acknowledged that their customer experience is more than the logo, the
design of the company and the use of an app, it is about creating a community between the
staff and the customer.
Source: Allen International

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