Ways to build your creative confidence

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Approaching challenges from a new and different perspective will assist you and your
business to become more creative and open to new ideas and ways to adapt to challenges that the company faces.
Here are some ways you can boost your creative confidence in the workplace:

1. Incorporating mind maps into your decision-making process. Mind maps help you to think divergently and gain new perspectives on the subject. It allows you to gain clarity about the subject and sparks new ideas.
2. When you are having a creative team meeting, try using quick warmups to spark some energy into the team and create an environment of openness.
3. Empathize with customers and employers by creating a journey map for them where you can see the steps that have been taken when your customers are interacting with your business. This allows you to gain insight about the customers.
4. Incorporate creative challenges to spark some inspiration amongst your team members by pairing individuals up to use their conversations into creative thinking challenges to get the minds buzzing.
5. Eliminating hierarchy can help the flow of ideas amongst your business. You can do this by using nicknames and people trying on a new persona and new behaviours so that everyone can feel on the same level and less intimidated.

Heather Emerson: managing director, ideo San Francisco
Simone Stolzoff: senior communicator designer, idea San Francisco
Kateryna Romanoova: senior environments designer, ideo San Francisco

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