Ways to find joy at work

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It is seen that experiencing the feeling of joy whilst at work increases one’s performance and wellbeing. The feeling of joy assists in increasing our working memory and cognitive flexibility which it linked to bettering one’s problem-solving skills.

Here are some ways to transform your working environment to increase joy:

Adding colour or light to your environment acts as a stimulant like a shot of caffeine for the eyes. Changing the wall colour or adding a colourful item to your desk will help to brighten up your space.

Having a plan helps to expose us to nature which assists in restoring our attention and can mitigate the effects of stress on our bodies and minds which reduces the likelihood of bursts of anger due to stress.

Seeking the effects of elevation when you need to get perspective on a work challenge helps to shift to big-picture thinking. For example, going up to the roof or climbing a set of stairs are ways to get some more air and elevation

Keep a ball at your desk to cultivate a creative mindset. It allows us to unlock a more flexible thought pattern when we play with a ball which increases creativity.

Turning up the tunes at work can create a phenomenon called synchrony which is when we move in the same rhythm as others. People perform better on cooperative tasks when experiencing synchrony which improves teamwork.

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