Why tech should be beautiful or invisible

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Companies think that placing their technology front and center and showing it off will put
them ahead of their competitors however this is not the case.
Simplicity is key and in the new world order, intimidating screens of information will be
replaced by choreographed interactions where the customer can be in control of their
choices whenever and wherever. While the customers are being in control of these
decisions, the service providers will be gathering data on this behavior of the customers.
Progressive banks are aware of how their customers are behaving which allows them to
make decisions based on their customer needs and gather data that will personalize the
experience of the customers.
Here are some tips for making technology beautiful or invisible: make sure that the sue of
technology has a purpose, only make use of technology in your company where you know it
will benefit your customers, keep interfaces simple, constantly gather data on customer
behavior, remember that technology cannot replace humans and focus on human to
human interactions.
Source: Allen International

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