Why you shouldn’t wait for a crises to change your business

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People don’t wish for crises to happen therefore you should not wait for one to happen in order to spark a change in your business. It is beneficial to start in a safe environment as it will allow you to secure your future business.

Changing your business into becoming more digital is current in today’s working world as technology is constantly evolving and becoming more present in our daily lives. Therefore, moving towards becoming more digitally aware should be a top priority not just because a crisis has altered the way in which you run your business.

Many people view switching to digital as a threat whereas it is beneficial to the business itself. Using digital to prepare your business for the future to come will ease the stress amongst the workplace as now your business is more prepared for what is to come.

James Wallman
Contributing Editor, IDEO Europe

Luca Ponticelli
Communications Designer, IDEO London

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