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I was going to buy WhatsApp, but then Mark did.

Jeffrey catches up with Mark on Whatapp: 

Jeffrey: So WhatsApp Mark? (See what I did there)
Mark: I’m excited to announce that we’ve agreed to acquire WhatsApp and that their entire team will be joining us at Facebook.
Jeffrey: You do know that was on my bucket list right? Anyway, why did you buy WhatsApp?
Mark: More than 1 million people sign up for WhatsApp every day and it is on its way to connecting one billion people.
Jeffrey: Enough Said. So, what was the ‘damage’?
Mark: $19 billion – $12 billion in Facebook shares, $4 billion in cash and $3 billion in Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) for employee retention.
Jeffrey: So at $19 billion, Facebook is valuing each user of WhatsApp at $42.
Thanks for the quick chat Mark and good luck with everything. Before I go where can I get this hoodie?
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  1. Good news for China’s WeChat (we’re nothing like WhatsApp) and Russia’s Telegram, bad news for SA’s Mixit?

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