MTN Palms Store Design: The Method

8Brand and its sister company in Nigeria rolled out a second store in the shopping mall The Palms.  The ‘Revolutionary’ design was also implemented within this store as with the others and exudes a modern feel in keeping with the brand. When we were approached by MTN Nigeria to develop a new revolutionary store our design team stepped into the think tank and produced something 8Brand is very proud of.

This was our thought process:

  • The Objective: To create a clean retail space with modern interior to enhance the customer interaction and experience. This objective was achieved by creating a clean, modern look and feel and by introducing display units with live handsets, enabling customers to interact with the devices in-store.
  • Creative thinking: Stores were not in a very user-friendly format as customers were asked to take a number and wait in line. This gave the feeling of a waiting room. The idea was to make the whole experience of entering the store more memorable.
  • Key challenges: Non-significant except for the normal logistical challenges in dealing with Nigeria.
  • Design and construction consideration: Our philosophy is whatever we design we produce and deliver. So we worked with what was physically possible and we delivered.
  • Retail improvements and brand awareness: We improved this store by creating a more pleasurable and memorable customer experience. The brand reputation improved and enabled store to retain clients.
  • Removal of barriers to purchase: This was achieved with the exploring devices in-store. Customers also have more access to customer service representative if they might have any questions.
  • More informed shopper decision-making: With the new interior upgrades the customers can ask in-store about a particular device or service. They also have access to the device before they purchase it.

Here is the video presentation we created.