In February 2015, The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) in partnership with the United Nations (UN) released an international tender brief for the post office interiors and facades redesign and re-furbishing project in four African countries; Madagascar, Ghana, Benin and Senegal.
Cape Town based brand and 3D design agency, 8Brand, has been awarded the highly sought-after contract. The 8brand team has mastered the delicate balance of combining iconology, colour and design intertwined as their trifecta approach in creating effective brands that are recognisable, emotive and impressionable. The design deliverables included a review of the current client area, layout, internal design and external signage for these post offices. Not to mention a comparative analysis of the post office image, look and feel with respect to physical outlets of competitors in the sphere of remittances and payments. The project will also be addressing the key points of in-store communication and advertising, transparency and efficiency of customer information, clear representation of products and services, staff uniforms, branding of paper materials and hand-outs, queue management, customer privacy etc.
By combining the agency’s combined key skills in brand development, interior design, architectural design and project management, 8brand intends to differentiate these post offices from their competitors through unique visual design elements that distinguish the company as a reputable provider of financial services that improves customer awareness.

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