This is to confirm that 8brand has been working on digital social media campaigns for DGB, on three of our brands, since October 2016. They have excellent service and innovative ideas and concepts for social media campaigns: and have run these campaigns successfully for the past 7 months. We have now appointed 8brand to work on social media for other brands, which will begin shortly.
Dean Matodes
DGB : Digital Marketing Director

We hereby confirm that 8brand has been designing; and rolling out: retail stores and kiosk all around Nigeria since 2011. We have been very impressed with their store designs, which are modern, contemporary, and technological forwarded thinking. 8brand clearly understands the needs of our brand and our customers, and have reflected this in their designs.
They have designed and rolled out Flagship stores in Lagos, in the city and at the airport.
The process of refurbishing our store, in terms of 8brand’s designs, is ongoing. I have no hesitation recommending 8brand in respect of retail design and roll out.
Essien Nwanyo
MTN NIGERIA : Business analyst, project Service integration & special projects, Customer Service.

This is to confirm that 8brand has been appointed as the main advertising agency for the SA Post Office and Postbank since June 2014 and in this capacity, they have provided us with full advertising services, including: Print adverting, brochures and marketing materials; Radio and TV advertising campaigns – advert production and flighting on radio and TV; and internal brand ambassador campaigns.
They have rendered very good services, and been very loyal and stayed with us through a difficult six-month period we faced in the last quarter of 2014.
Their dedication and focus has been commendable, and I openly recommend them as an advertising agency.
Thabang Lengane
Postbank : Head Product and development
Postbank- A division of the post office

I was involved with 8brand during my previous role as MD of Airtel Sierra Leone. The peak of their support was during the rebranding exercise for Zain.
The project involved a brand redesign, executed in a process which would ensure that Zain spoke in unison with various nodes of customers/ stakeholders, while retaining uniqueness and innovation that each medium offered. It project was a great success.
I have also been involved with 8brand working on a greenfield mobile network project. The brand creation was a testimony of 8brand’s systematic approach to the process of implementation and to its creativity, imagination and innovation. They are thoroughly professional and would not hesitate to recommend them.
Ted Sauti- Phiri
Zain : Chief Finance Officer

This letter serves to confirm that we have been associated with 8brand for several years, and have worked with 8brand on the launch of our petroleum industry investment property, African Oil, in South Africa market, and they met our strict Operational criteria.
We were also attracted by 8brand’s vast experience in creating and implementing effective marketing strategy with fresh and innovative ideas on the continent. We can vouch for their experience in working on projects across the most Part of the continent.
We would therefore endorse 8brand as a credible players in the field of advertising and marketing.
Joe Makobe
Pembani Group : Managing Director

Thank you for all your work with the design and renovation of our new reception area. We are delighted with the final result. The comments from our visitors and staff have all been very positive.
We very much appreciated your professional approach to coordinating the entire project.
Your oversight and follow-up was exceptional.
We look forward to working with 8degrees on future projects. Please feel free to use Revlon as a reference for any future clients.
Scott Maddock,
Revlon South Africa : Managing Director

I have hired 8degrees twice as my Branding and Advertising agency at Coca-Cola in RSA and at Zain/ Celtel International where they proved to be a most reliable, creative and effective Agency. 8degrees are professionals who live, display and deliver creativity in Brand and Advertising Development. They are focused and dedicated to the work at hand. During the period I worked with them, they developed and executed our Trade Marketing Go To Market strategy when we rebranded from Celtel to Zain. The creative work for the look and feel our General Retail Trade came together with its strategy as well as executional plans. It was such a brilliant master piece that worked well to deliver our trade results.
I believe that 8degrees will make a valuable addition to any organisation that they may work with. I would gladly answer any request for further information.
Maurice Newa
Safaricom : Director, Strategic Marketing and Customer Management

8brand team put together a sterling job under deadline and pulled it off on time.
I did not believe we could make the launch and you have installed my faith in this team to work under pressure,despite my chopping and changing content along the way.
Wayne Duvenage
Avis : Chief Executive

Just a note to say thanks again for your work at the suite. I do believe that it worked out after all and the response of clients indicated that it is a success. In the end of the day, it is not what I want that counts it is what the clients appreciate and I think we have found that happy medium.I am happy with the result.
Thanks again.
Günthe Wekke
Fedics Food Services : Managing Director

We appreciate all the effort you guys have put into this project. What I really appreciate is how you guys recognise the importance of this project and how meticulous your team is to achieve a high quality product.
I know we’ll be working together even after this project.
Well done !
Larry Annetts
MTN Nigeria : Chief Marketing Officer

The various campaign we were involved with,could not happen without the prompt expertise your team gave us.
I would like to commend your team for managing the very tight deadlines,they always move mountains to make things happen for us.
Thami Nyandeni
Blackmagic Communications : Operations

8brand have vast experience in creating and implementing creative marketing strategies with fresh and innovative ideas.
Due to their experience in project through Africa,their execution is thorough and practical and delivered far more than was expected.
Stuart Truter
Intra : Managing Director

This letter is to state that Coca-Cola Central Africa Region marketing, consisting of nine countries – Angola, Mozambique, Botswana, Swaziland, Malawi, Zambia, Lesotho, Namibia and Zimbabwe have been making use of 8degrees agency.
Work developed by 8brand has not only been creatively on strategy but has also gone a long way in contributing significantly to the regions volume performance of over 30% versus the previous year.
Veli Mabena
Coca-Cola Central African Region : Senior Brand Manager