The Value of 3D Branding

3D 2
According to James Whittaker of Design Bridge, “The primary value of 3D branding is the tactile, multi-dimensional experience that interfaces consumer’s senses much more widely than graphics alone”. In other words, it is very important for every branding agency to communicate values to their customers by producing dynamic and innovative off-the-shelf packaging.
We all notice poorly designed packaging or shrewd letters on a product, but what most agencies should really focus on when branding is the power of attraction that communicates to your target audience. 3D branding has so much to offer both customers and brands alike; it makes you stand out where others don’t if the qualities are implemented brilliantly.
The way the packaging opens, closes, slides or clicks communicates to the consumer’s mind. Take for instance, for the iPhone users out there; you will remember the packaging that it came with the phone and the lovely slide show off the top layer component. The way air seeps in through the edges explains what Apple wanted with the product, it gives a substantial, unique, precision engineered and welcoming experience. Now compare this to a shower gel bottle used daily by the whole family, you will find it annoying if the bottle cap is leaky, messy or nail-breaking! The probability of repeating a purchase of such product is very low.
3D branding also brings a third dimension to life. Often times, consciously or sub-consciously we have admired the packaging in our hands, turning and visualizing them from all angles. This means that every detail and care, crafted formally into such packs have been able to communicate the product qualities and its formulation as well as the brand attitude to technology, fashion and the environment. Let’s picture some well-known brands without their 3D branding; Coca-Cola in a straight glass bottle OR Toblerone in a square box OR Kiwi shoe polish in a pump dispenser OR Pringles in a bag. We will see that 3D branding not only important but central role to these brand propositions.